Meet Honest Design.

Rebecca Sinclair


Honest Design collaborates with top companies to ship innovative, human-centered design and experiences. Their biggest collaborations have been with Credit Karma, Airbnb, and Starbucks.

As an early leader at Airbnb, Rebecca created and led the design research team, worked on new product development, and built tools to inspire and guide culture-aligned action during hyper-growth. Her work on narrative-driven innovation strategy was featured in this Forbes article. Her Insights team was featured in this NYTimes article.

Before Airbnb, she spent 4 years at IDEO working with consumer brands such as Nokia, Samsung, and Kimberly Clark. She also worked with the team that would later become Omada Health. During this time, her projects spanned both the physical and digital realms. Prior to IDEO, she worked on Tablet at Microsoft and lived in the Emerald City.